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CEREC crowns


Same day, one-visit crowns. The most modern dental technology used to produce beautiful, durable, all-porcelain crowns.  CEREC crowns do not use metal that might create a dark line along the gum tissue often seen in lab crowns.  NO impressions are needed.  NO temporary crowns.  NO second visit– you leave the office with a permanent crown the same day!

State of the Art Sterilization

Up-to-date sterilization procedures and equipment to assure our patients that we are following all necessary safety standards.

Digital and Panoramic X-rays

The most up to date way to take x-rays with up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.  Patients can view their x-rays on a large computer screen in seconds while they are seated in the treatment room.  No more waiting for film x-rays to develop.

Digital Intraoral Photography

We use digital cameras to take before and after photos to show our patients how their teeth currently look and the beautiful aesthetic results of how their teeth look when treatment is completed.


State of the art laser technology is used to cosmetically enhance and reshape overgrown gum tissue.  It is also used in place of old-fashioned retraction cords when designing digital crowns.


Apple Computers

These modern computers are used throughout the office from the front desk to each individual treatment room to provide patients with the opportunity to “see what the dentist sees”.