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Waukesha Family Dentist – FAQs

Do you treat dental emergencies?

Yes, we offer emergency dental care. If you call Salnick Dental during regular business hours, we can assess your individual situation and advise you about the most appropriate next step.  By contacting us early in the day, you can be assured that we will make every attempt to see you the same day.


Are you accepting new patients?

YES. Salnick Dental has been providing complete family dentist to our patients of all ages (from preschoolers to senior citizens) at this same Waukesha location for many years.  We have kept up with all the latest technologyand latest dental techniques by attending continuing education courses and seminars.  We provide a clean, modern office for your comfort and convenience.  We thrive on referrals from our own loyal patients but we welcome new patients to our dental family.


Can you provide complete dental treatment for children?

Definitely YES! At Salnick Dental, we believe (on average) that three years old is a good age to schedule your child for his/her first dental exam.  However, we encourage parents to bring their young children in with them on their own scheduled teeth cleaning visit prior to their first visit so that we can introduce him/her to the dentist, staff, dental environment and assess their needs in a nonthreatening manner.  Please let our staff  know when you make your appointment that you will be bringing your child.  At that visit, we can schedule a teeth cleaning appointmentor to set up any necessary treatment for your child.


Do you treat apprehensive or fearful patients?

YES. The first step in overcoming your fear is to make an appointment at Salnick Dental.  When making your appointment, tell the receptionist about your dental fears.  When you come in for your appointment, our staff will do everything possible to make your experience a positive one.  Dr. Salnick has special training and much experience in treating apprehensive patients.


Why do I need dental x-rays and an oral exam? Can’t I just get a cleaning?

Regular X-rays based on your individual needs are necessary because they help the dentist make a thorough diagnosis.  They help the dentist see tooth decay and diseases of the surrounding tissue that cannot be seen with just an oral examination.  They help the dentist find and treat dental problems at an early stage before the patient even shows any signs or symptoms.  This can potentially save you money, unnecessary pain or discomfort, and may even save your life!  At Salnick Dental we have “state of the art” technology which includes the latest in digital X-ray and Panoramic  X-ray equipment.

Our equipment exposes the patient up to 90% less radiation than traditional film.  At Salnick Dental, we go one step further in your treatment.  Digital intraoral photos are taken to show you the condition of your teeth (decayed, missing, broken or cracked), current restorations (broken or missing fillings), and gums (bleeding, swollen, or sensitive) so that you can see what the dentist sees.  A complete and thorough oral examination and x-rays are essential to help the dentist determine the proper type of cleaning that fits your dental needs so that the appropriate amount of time is scheduled for your hygiene visit.


What if I have to cancel an appointment?

Appointments are sometimes missed due to unavoidable circumstances.  We encourage you to call our dental office if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment.  By not providing advance notice of a cancellation (we require 24 hours, but prefer 48 hours or more) you may be charged a cancellation fee.  To keep all costs down and help our office provide the best care for everyone, please keep your scheduled appointment or call ahead to cancel.


What are my payment options?

At Salnick Dental, we have a variety of payment options. if you pay by cash or paper check on the same day of your appointment you receive a 5% discount.  Senior citizens receive a 10% discount when paying with cash or paper check on the same day of their appointment.  Discounts do not apply when insurance is used.

We accept most major dental insurance plans.  However, we do not accept Medicaid/Medicare/BadgerCare or other state-funded plans. We do offer Care Credit for our patients who qualify.